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It's Just Mid January and You are Exhausted?

Is the energy of the New Year slowly fading away? The fresh possibility to start anew on January 1st, can be refreshing. A new opportunity to start over. But, it can also really put a lot of pressure on January. All the messages all over telling us what we should be doing and the whole world around us jumping into doing, we feel left out if we don’t start doing right away. In despair of wanting to change it all, we jump in to it all. Without any plan or assessment we just think that we will do it all. In our urge to change, we end up over-consuming information and we keep adding more things to do, to our already long list to-do. So when we are faced with the reality of all the things that we

You are doing so much more than what you give yourself credit for!

Happy New Year! Maybe you sat down to review your year or your decade, set intentions. Maybe you haven’t. But during the New Year season we can’t help but to self analyze and a lot of the times compare ourselves with others. To be honest I was not feeling all that good at the end of this year. But when I sat down to review how my year was and how the decade has been, I was able to see all the things I have gone through and how I have grown from those experiences. My perspective shifted. During the New Year season the tendency is to focus on what we have or have not achieved in the outward world. We look back at what boxes we checked off, what things we accomplished that we can show people. V

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