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You are doing so much more than what you give yourself credit for!

Happy New Year!

Maybe you sat down to review your year or your decade, set intentions. Maybe you haven’t. But during the New Year season we can’t help but to self analyze and a lot of the times compare ourselves with others.

To be honest I was not feeling all that good at the end of this year. But when I sat down to review how my year was and how the decade has been, I was able to see all the things I have gone through and how I have grown from those experiences. My perspective shifted.

During the New Year season the tendency is to focus on what we have or have not achieved in the outward world. We look back at what boxes we checked off, what things we accomplished that we can show people. Very rarely do we acknowledge the inner growth that we have gone through, because it’s harder to point and say, “see - here’s what I did” but it’s just as important - maybe even more so.

This made me reflect in the work I do with my clients. We often think that working on our nutrition is simply to have an outward result. However, there are many aspects of nutrition, that are not seen on the outside, but rather is all work that one must do within. That is the work that I love doing. If you have worked with me you know this. Some of the things I work on with my clients are creating a healthy relationship with food and body, reconnecting and listening to our body cues through intuitive eating, letting go of the diet mentality.

In working with our relationship with food and body. We no longer see what you eat as a morality code, body shape or weight as your value. What you eat does not define if you are good or bad. The scale does not define your worth. When we do let that define us, we are shrinking our lives and our potential as human beings, because food and weight is not your life purpose. But the obsession and fear of food and weight, gets in the way of living your full life and your true purpose.

YOU are so

much more than

what you EAT

and what you WEIGH!

To create a peaceful relationship with food we must first let go of many unhealthy thoughts and beliefs about eating, weight and health that we have accumulated through dieting. And relearn to reconnect with our body, to be able to listen and to honor your hunger and respect your fullness. To relearn what your body is truly hungry for and what it is craving.

Body image is hard work. We work against what culture has taught us to praise. Making peace with our body, creating a kind relationship with our body, and learning to care for our body all comes from your inner work.

All of these aspects, takes up a lot of inner work and a lot of courage to know that this work may or may not result in any outward change.

But what does change is

the TORMENT around food, body and health.

The amount of free energy and mind space

to do the things you really want to do in life.


And that is my mission in working with you.

For those of you that have been doing this hard work, I want to acknowledge you. Give yourself credit for all you have invested. And wherever you are, you are doing amazing!

May you have a peaceful relationship with food, body and health this new year and new decade. May you drop the layers that no longer serve you and be more you.

The world needs you.

Love & light,

- Diana

PS: If you would like to sit down and really review your year and the last decade, I am sharing with you the worksheet for FREE here.

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