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From Nutritionist To Priestess

As many of you know I am a registered dietitian, mind-body nutrition coach, yoga instructor, and a women’s circle facilitator. I have devoted myself to understanding what it truly means to nourish the feminine.

After joining Holy Woman in 2018, I recognized a type of nourishment that I was not aware of before: the deep nourishment that we receive when we are being fully witnessed, seen, heard and held in all of our emotions, light and shadows, ups and downs. I was providing this fully to my clients and recognized the power of it, but I was deeply deficient in, still denying my own need for it, thinking "I don't need help, I can probably figure it out for myself like I have for many of my clients, I can take care of myself."

But no matter how much self-care activities I did: yoga, eat healthy, sleep 8hrs, mindfulness, you name it, I hit burnt out, compassion fatigue, to the debilitating point that what I once loved doing I could no longer do. I had hit rock bottom.

Through Sarah Jenk's course and teachings, I have been able to reconnect with my cycles, the moon, the seasons, my body and the feminine energy. The resources, the community, the learning materials are so rich to help dismantle so much of patriarchal programming and learn about HERstory that I have never heard of before, which was like missing pieces of my puzzle to understand my own self. I felt like for the first time, my whole being was invited to the table, not just my intellect, it was all of me.

Sarah's teachings and community helped me through the toughest periods of my life, taught me that it is OK and actually necessary to lean into support, that we actually do not have to do it all alone. To me that was a new language, we have been so conditioned to push through and figure it out alone. Inspired by this new awareness, I wanted to bring this type of language and support to our community. That is how our women’s circle was born. Out of my own need for support and to support other women in my community, as it always has been my passion.

With this desire to create a women’s circle, I heard the calling to follow Sarah Jenks’ footsteps and sign up for a year long Priestess Training. I simply wanted to learn the skills to hold a women’s circle, but what I got out of was so much more than that. This training was an initiation journey that took me even deeper to look at my own inner self, inviting me to peel more layers of conditioning. I felt supported and held in a way I haven't been before. To learn how to lean in to support other women and Feminine Archetypes, was the language that Sarah was speaking about. To be in a space of women that actually want to hold me, that it is not a burden to them, but rather an honor and pleasure to hold me. Because they are filled up by their own work and support, they are not depleted, they are fully nourished. And also, because they know there is nothing for them to solve, fix, or change, but simply to hold me in so much love and compassion. Something I have never experienced in my life. A new culture that I would like to bring back.

When I entered Holy Woman and the training I had hit rock bottom, I was burnt out, exhausted, lost in fear and doubt. I wanted to live a life of alignment but I was lost in people pleasing, overdoing and over responsibility. I was a girl lost, abandoned, undernourished. Now, I feel held, nourished, bathed in love and support. I am feeling more like a woman that can stand on her own two feet, setting boundaries, using my voice, and able to have hard conversations. I have learned the new language of leaning on other women for support, I am learning to ask for help and welcome support. Remembering we are not here to do it all alone. Where actually other women remind you to wear your crown.

Then the call was clear to cross the threshold to leave behind the kind of work that was no longer serving me and continue to hear the calling to help women in a deeper and bigger way than just nutrition. But the conditioning is deep to just keep doing what we are supposed to do, the safe way, the secure way, but that secure way was killing my spirit, burning out my energy and emptying out my tank. It was not in alignment. So when I finally crossed the threshold and quit my job to do my own thing, a lot of fears, deep crazy fears showed up. Fears that were clearly not even real or mine as I have never personally experienced that. But nevertheless, they felt very real and they were paralyzing. Then I learned about “ancestral healing.” I understood that a lot of the feelings were not mine and they could be ancestral or collective. I had no idea where to get the support for this kind of work. But in divine timing, I attended Dr. Valerie’s online retreat and she connected all the dots for me: the patriarchy programming, energy healing, boundaries, the ancestral healing and the power of collective healing. So I joined another year long experience to really break through all the programming and do the ancestral healing. It has been a truly transformative experience that I hope to share more about in the near future.

So, it has been quite a journey the past four years. It finally it feels like I am on my journey back to the surface, seeing a glimpse of light as the whole experience has come full circle to the place where it all started with Sarah Jenk’s at Whole Woman, which is now transitioning to the next version of it to Holy Woman!

At the beginning of this year, I was asked to support my mentor Sarah Jenks. The mentor that literally changed the course of my life personally and inspired me to shift my path professionally. This opportunity to assist in her program Holy Woman and her new Temple of Remembrance, brought a glimpse of JOY that I haven’t been able to touch in a long time!

I just feel so much gratitude for my past self that decided to embark on this huge journey, to trust the process even though it was the scariest thing I have done. Now I see it was all worth it. It is like I have woken from a spell that I have been living under, the spell of patriarchy, that little by little I am adjusting my whole system to live in this new reality, outside of the matrix of the patriarchy. I would love the same for you!

The more women we are free from patriarchal conditioning the more powerful we are to change the world!

That is why I am inviting you to join Holy Woman here!You can use the code HOLYWOMAN15 and you can get $15 off.

You can also join our WholeHearted Women's Circle Membership here.

I cannot wait to be there with you supporting your journey!




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