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Forget New Year's Resolution...Find YOUR Word Instead!

As a nutritionist, I have noticed how self-damaging New Year’s resolutions can be. New Year’s resolutions can be a recipe for future guilt, shame and lead to more negative body image and negative relationship with food, year after year.

For example, "Get fit" sounds like a sensible goal to have, but it doesn't feel very inspiring and is a result of an action. Even the more specific and action focused goal “Go to the gym twice a week” has failure built in. You either go to the gym twice a week or you don’t — there’s no room for any other outcome (and that's when we beat ourselves up for "failing").

Instead of creating a New Year’s Resolution, we choose a word like ENERGIZED or even STRONG affects us in a completely different way. They encourage us to make better choices. They empower rather than order, inspire rather than judge. You can't "break" a word like you can break a resolution. The word (or words!) you choose is there to inspire you whenever you need it. Your word is your ally. It might infuse its wisdom through every single day of 2021.

I have personally been doing this practice for the past 5 years and I have used it with my clients as well and it has guided and inspired me and my clients. This practice has been extremely helpful for personal growth to stay motivated and in alignment to what matters the most and the life you most desire. This practice has been so helpful that I want to share this incredible experience with you. That is why I created this Virtual Find Your Word Workshop.

During the workshop we will reflect over our year, envision what we want for the upcoming year and then we go through the process of Finding the Word that would best support you and inspire you throughout the year!

Join us virtually here!


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