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It's Just Mid January and You are Exhausted?

Is the energy of the New Year slowly fading away?

The fresh possibility to start anew on January 1st, can be refreshing. A new opportunity to start over. But, it can also really put a lot of pressure on January. All the messages all over telling us what we should be doing and the whole world around us jumping into doing, we feel left out if we don’t start doing right away. In despair of wanting to change it all, we jump in to it all.

Without any plan or assessment we just think that we will do it all.

In our urge to change, we end up over-consuming information and we keep adding more things to do, to our already long list to-do. So when we are faced with the reality of all the things that we have to do, plus all the things we proposed ourselves to do and learn; the new plan, new ideas, new rules,

our head goes spinning. By the end of January we are exhausted,

and ready to give up on the goal we so fiercely started on January 1st. We beat ourselves up for not doing what we intended to do

when it was unrealistic in the first place.

The MISTAKE I constantly see happening the process of creating new habits

or building something new is that we forget that we MUST first be willing to LET GO, in order to make space for something new.

For example, if you want to build a brand new house,

you must DEMOLISH the old house, especially if you have foundation problems. You don’t go straight into building the new house on top of the old house. Second, you need a PLAN, a blueprint, a vision for how you want your house to look. You need to know where the kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, etc. are going to go. Then you can take clear ACTION and start building.

If you you jump into action. Because you want results NOW

You might be done with the house faster. But you will be unhappy with the results, because you didn't took the time to plan it just the way you wanted it.

And when it’s not built on a strong foundation, just built on top of the old house, it is likely to COLLAPSE

It is a PROCESS.

What keeps you stuck and exhausted NOT lack of resources or information. Nowadays we have everything available at our fingertips. And is not the lack of doing, if anything it is the overdoing that can lead to burn out. That is not a will-power issue. What really gets in the way of achieving our goals are old beliefs and thoughts. This is what keeps you in the never ending spiral, brings you back to where you started. Beliefs and thoughts are powerful. They can motivate you to move forward or it can keep you paralyzed or in a downward spiral.

How will you use it? To build you up or take you down?

This is a call to your attention in the middle of January, so that you are not burnt out by February. I invite you to instead of adding more things to do,

what you can release now?

What must you let go of now? What are things, people, places, thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you?

If you have been in the cycle of dieting and overeating. Losing weight and gaining it back. I really invite you to sit down and take note of what the frequent things you say to yourself are. Are they empowering or do they sound more like:

“Who do you think you are to be able to achieve this?"

"You will never get there.”

If these are the type of thoughts that are crowding your mind for any goal you have in life, we need to do some DEMOLITION and RENOVATIONS inside your mind first.

Take some time now and ask yourself:

What are the things I keep saying to myself?

Are they positive or negative?

Where does this negative belief, thought, or habit come from?

Is this true for me now?

How can I reframe this to something that feels more empowering, but not unrealistic?

Every time you have the same thoughts come back to this and repeat the new thought you created. And then, little by little you will be building a brand new house in your mind. A house you actually like living it. A house where you truly feel at peace.

I have a cheat sheet for you of typical thoughts and beliefs around food and body and some ways you can change this belief and it is yours for FREE here <3

I hope this is helpful!

Now, I want to hear from you, on the comments below tell me:

What is a negative thought that keeps coming up that you would like to let go of today?

And if you are ready, how are you planning on reframing it?

Can't wait to hear from you!


- Diana

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