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February 17, 2020

I hit a breaking point!

There was a point during mid-winter I did not want to do ANYTHING. I did not want to go to work, I did not want to be around my friends or family. Everything and everyone bothered me!

But if you know me, you know that...

Is the energy of the New Year slowly fading away?

The fresh possibility to start anew on January 1st, can be refreshing. A new opportunity to start over. But, it can also really put a lot of pressure on January. All the messages all over telling us what we should be doi...

Happy New Year!

Maybe you sat down to review your year or your decade, set intentions. Maybe you haven’t. But during the New Year season we can’t help but to self analyze and a lot of the times compare ourselves with others.

To be honest I was not feeling all that good a...

New Year’s resolutions have always been a bit foreign to me.  In my culture, our tradition is to eat twelve grapes at midnight, each one representing a wish.  We would also write down all the positive things from the past year and on another piece of paper we would wri...

September 16, 2019

I know you may think your problem is simply a weight problem. You think that if only you could conquer your weight and food challenges you could finally do what you WANT... enjoy life, enjoy food (without obsessing about calories or points) and simply BE YOU!

Yet, regar...

How was your summer?

Did you get to fully enjoy and do the things you wanted to do this summer?

For me, this summer has been one of the most fully expressed summers. I feel happy and satisfied with my summer days. And no, I did not take any fancy vacations to a picture...

February 14, 2019

There were several moments in my that I knew I needed to take care of myself. But just as many of you I resisted the idea, it sounded selfish and not really important as long as I was able to push through everything, everyone else was happy and there was no conflicts,...

Are you ready to look and feel great inside and out?

But wait...this is NOT another diet! So, “what’s the catch?” you may ask.   

I am aware that when I question dieting, I question your way of living and I totally disrupt your entire concept of health.  Y...

Dieting has been about:

  1. Restriction: food, calories even eliminating entire food groups!

  2. Strict and Rigid Rules: rules that are unrealistic to follow.

  3. Deprivation: of actual foods but also enjoyment, pleasure, or taste of food.

  4. Burning calories: exerc...

Whenever you start a new weight loss program, it's normal to want to follow the rules exactly as the diet says. You trust that if you do so, you'll be successful in melting off unwanted pounds. You’re convinced that this approach is the right one—until you hit the fami...

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