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Why it is NOT simply a weight problem?

I know you may think your problem is simply a weight problem. You think that if only you could conquer your weight and food challenges you could finally do what you WANT... enjoy life, enjoy food (without obsessing about calories or points) and simply BE YOU!

Yet, regardless of how much weight you lose, how healthy you eat... it's never enough, you are never happy with yourself, and you don't feel good in your own skin.

Does this sound familiar?

I see this pattern over and over again. Women go on painful diets to relieve this pain of how they feel about themselves. But every diet leaves them feeling empty, more confused, in fear and more obsessed around food and body. And with every “failure” diet after diet, the shame solidifies into feeling unlovable, unworthy, and not good enough. These feelings forcefully holds them back from what they truly want to do in life.

I see so many women give away their power and shrink their lives and their worth, to a number on the scale. Seeing this painful cycle, over and over again, motivated me to create a program that can guide women break away from negative beliefs around food and body. Cut through the noise and overwhelming amount of nutrition information, so that they can learn to listen to their bodies, to truly and honestly decipher to what actually works for them.

There is more to life

than just obsessing

about food and body.

I do not want to see any more women suffering from food and body image challenges. I want to see women living the life they once envisioned for themselves. The program is designed to guide you to live your BEST LIFE, without feeling controlled by food or cravings. Feel confident in your own body and around food. To be able to enjoy food once again - no more feeling unworthy or guilty about what you're eating!

The results I see from doing this deep inner work?

As they begin to show up and build their confidence around food and body, they start showing up for themselves more. They get to know themselves better. They learn to say NO, when they really want to say NO. They start to know their boundaries. They create space to they things they enjoy, nurtures and fulfills them. They start buying clothes that make them feel good in their body. They start traveling, going to the beach, start taking pictures with their kids. I have seen women write their first book, quit their job and land a better position. Better yet, I have seen women start their own business!

The work I love doing?

I love helping women uncover the real issue when it comes to their challenges around food and body. My greatest satisfaction is to see women feel free and empowered to live their life they always dreamed of.

I love helping women connect the dots and have transformative AHA moments that truly transform them from the inside out. This transformation heals their relationship with food and body.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to break free from the painful cycle of self-sabotage? That’s a really painful way to live sister! And it’s exactly why I created my signature program Whole Heartedly Well. Learn more and join us here:

Join us for a transformational journey with the Wholeheartedly Well Program!

Take a moment to imagine how would you feel after devoting yourself to learning about how to build a healthy relationship with food and body. How would it feel to spend the holidays around food confidently. How would you feel at the end of the year knowing that you spend some time healing. So that in the new year you can continue to grow upon the foundations that you learned in the program.

Learn more about the program here.

I can't wait to share this with you!

Love and Light,

- Diana

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