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The Pain of Doing it all Alone

I hit a breaking point! There was a point during mid-winter I did not want to do ANYTHING. I did not want to go to work, I did not want to be around my friends or family. Everything and everyone bothered me! But if you know me, you know that I love doing things! I love the work that I do, I love being surrounded by friends and family! But I had hit the bottom of the pit of burn out, feeling overwhelmed, resentful, irritable and I was wearing my cranky pants way too frequently! I was not feeling like myself anymore.

That is when I knew something needed to change.

I had hit compassion fatigue, that is why I could not be with anyone or hold space for no one. My cup was completely empty, I had depleted myself because I was not constantly filling up my cup. I realized that I am always the first one to raise my hand, go the extra mile, drop everything to help out, but so stubborn in receiving, worse asking for help and share what I am going through.

Can you relate?

Not asking for help, or have help available for me was isolating me and not letting me enjoy life and those I love.

So my dear,

I simply want you to know that wherever you struggle to receive help, I've been there too, and still am there with you.

But will you make me a promise if you promise you the same?

Let both of us see what happens if we let go of the lie we've been told and that we've been telling ourselves --that having it all together or doing it all ourselves is what makes us valuable.

Let's replace it with "strong women are willing to ask for help." Because if we all shift, asking for help will no longer be so charged, and will make it easier and accessible for all of us to ask for help and be willing to receive it when it shows up.

By doing so we shoot for

genuine connection,

true happiness,

and a full tank.

That means more happy people in the world!

Are you ready to release need to it all alone?

I am setting up support and I am asking for help.

Can you?

What areas of your life do you need help and support with?

Can you think of someone to help and support you?

Will you be willing to reach out to them this week and set up a meeting?

Can't wait for our Women's Circle gathering and deepen into this topic.

See you on Sunday, February 23rd 5:30pm, join us and save your spot here.

Love & Light, Diana

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