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What is Living Seasonally?

How was your summer?

Did you get to fully enjoy and do the things you wanted to do this summer?

For me, this summer has been one of the most fully expressed summers. I feel happy and satisfied with my summer days. And no, I did not take any fancy vacations to a picture perfect beach, I stayed right here in New York, for the most part. I believe it has entirely to do with the intentions to live seasonally. I am here to share with you how that has been like for me to live seasonally and invite you to perhaps do the same.


Mama Earth knows best!

I was already aware of nature's wisdom by eating foods seasonally. Food from each season provides us with key nutrients needed for that particular season. For example: summer foods such as stone fruits (peaches, plums, cherries, etc) provide us with extra beta-carotenes and other carotenoids that help protect us against sun damage! Tell me if that is not real nature's wisdom?

This year I have committed myself to fully embrace each season and to sync my work and life with the seasons. What I have discovered so far is that we are cyclical, ever changing, ever growing human beings, but are convinced that we are supposed to be the same at all times. As Sarah Jenks so eloquently says:

“Living seasonally is so powerful

because it reminds us of how our

emotions, energy and preferences

are intricately connected to the earth

instead of thinking we are supposed to

be the same all the time.”

-Sarah Jenks

Here is what I have done so far:


Last winter, I gave myself the time, to fully embrace and enjoy the darker days of winter. Winter calls us to slow down and to come home. To get cozy in the comfort of our home and that also means home in our bodies. To find some stillness and quiet the mind so that when you witness the silence of a snowy day you can listen to the whispers of your true essence and be able to rest in the warmth within you.

Next winter: I invite you to spend a snowy day at home. Get in comfy clothes and wrap yourself in cozy blankets. Light some winter scent candles, bring some beautiful evergreen home like eucalyptus. Grab a cup of tea and sit by the window to observe the gentle snow flakes falling in silence to remind you that quiet actions do add up! Just as the little and gentle snow flakes can add up to cover the outdoors in white.


During spring, the program that I had been working in the fall, was ready for a beta test. The seed I had planted months ago was finally ready to sprout. So during spring I was a busy bee. Teaching and preparing for classes every week, for 8 weeks! And even though, I was very busy, I enjoyed every single part of it. My soul longing was being expressed. The wisdom I have been gathering was being shared and transformation was taking place. This makes my heart sing. Being able to help women transform their relationship with food and body bring me the greatest satisfaction.

Next spring: I invite you to plant some seeds for a home garden. As you see your seeds sprout and grow, let it remind you of the seeds you want to plant in your life, and inspire you to take action to nurture it. Because, even though it does not look like a flowering plant yet, it is a good reminder that dreams take time but we need to take action, by watering it every day in order to see its full potential. Get busy and go after your life dreams!


The beta test program finished right before the summer started. After those busy spring months, I set the intention to enjoy summer. I had to intentionally made arrangements at the end of the spring for things that I wanted to do this summer to happen. Such as camping, beach yoga, weekend trips, biking, eating outdoors and more! The summer is active for me. To say the least I am tired... but completely SATISFIED, and for the first time I am ready for the fall!

Did you get to do the things you wanted this summer?

Before summer completely ends, I invite you to spend some time answering this question: WHY you didn't get to those things? And how can you change the behavior so in the future you can make it happen?

Next summer: Summer always feels so short. It is so important to be super intentional as to what you want to do, what people you want to see, what places you want to visit. As I said before, spring is a good time to plan out the summer. We only get a limited amount of summer weekends, make sure they are well spent!


I always dreaded the colder season. But now I feel ready to slow down my activities, get organized and back to working again on projects that feeds my soul professionally. Which for me, is sharing the knowledge that I have gathered throughout this 7 years of working as a nutritionist in order to heal our relationship with food and body.

This fall, I am getting ready to launch my online program in September and start the program in October! I am so excited! I planned the dates intentionally to do the work during the fall season and to finish before the holidays, so that me and my students can enjoy the Holidays fully and more empowered around food than ever before!

See here is the power of INTENTION.

I have intentionally arranged my work and life to be able to enjoy life fully and to feel fulfilled every step of the way. I would love for you to experience the same.

What are your plans for the fall?

Do you want to join me on this 8-week online transformational program?

Check out the details about my program WholeHeartedly Well. And if you decide to join me, I have a gift for you! I have discounted the program significantly until Labor Day, that is Monday September 2nd...but shhh only you know! Go head take a look!

Imagine if you used

the wisdom of fall

and set the intention

to shed and release

unhealthy beliefs

about food and body?

Take a moment to imagine how would you feel after devoting yourself to learning about how to build a healthy relationship with food and body. How would it feel to spend the holidays around food confidently. How would you feel at the end of the year knowing that you spend some time healing. So that in the new year you can continue to grow upon the foundations that you learned in the program.

I intend to live the life

I have always imagined!

Are you ready to do the same?

Share with me your wins of the summer, and what are your intentions for the fall =)

Can't wait to hear!

~ Diana

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