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What is Wrong With Dieting?

Dieting has been about:

  1. Restriction: food, calories even eliminating entire food groups!

  2. Strict and Rigid Rules: rules that are unrealistic to follow.

  3. Deprivation: of actual foods but also enjoyment, pleasure, or taste of food.

  4. Burning calories: exercise as a punishment of what you ate.

Can we start to recognize how futile these strategies are?

The majority of people that walk into my office report a long history of dieting for 10, 20, 30 years and even more! All complaining about similar thing:

Diet after diet

year after year

lose weight

gain it back after

the next diet

lose less weight

and gain back more!

This experience has left my clients feeling like THEY are the problem. Making them feel like a failure, because they were not able to stick to the dieting rules and/or able to maintain the weight they lost with a diet. This experience erodes their self-trust, dissolve their belief in self, creates disappointment and can evoke self-sabotaging behaviors. Makes you feel like you are the only one who does not have the "will-power" to stay on a diet.

But you are not alone, did you know?

99% of all people

who lose weight

on a weight loss diet

gain it back within a year?

That’s a stunning statistic!

It should be headline news, yet somehow, we keep going down the same dead end road, following every single diet that comes up.

Why do we keep doing the same strategy that hasn't worked year after year?

One of the reasons is because dieting gives clients a sense of hope. The very seductive promise of losing weight fast, gives them hope. This is FALSE HOPE of course, because as experience dictates is not sustainable. The idea of losing weight again, is obviously appealing, and you may think:

"maybe this is it!

I'll be good this time around"

(again as if it was your fault

for not sticking to a unrealistic diet plan

and we go down the same path).

Another reason is because you don’t know that here is another way, other than dieting, to get to where you want to go. But there is!

It is time to reclaim your power! And not let strategies that have not work rule your life. Are you ready to stop dieting?

On our work together, I will help you get

off dieting

and back to

real eating

real nourishment

This means that in our work together, you’ll be learning to make friends with food, friends with appetite, and friends with pleasure.

You’ll be learning how to trust the wisdom of your body, to trust your appetite, to slow down with food, and to find a way to eat that’s fun, enjoyable, and that you can carry forward to the rest of your life.

Do you think you’re on board to try something different?

That is exactly why I created my signature program WholeHeartedly Well. Learn more and join us here:

Leave your comments or questions below ;)

Sending you love and peace,

~ Diana

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