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Eating Psychology Coach

Is NOT just about Nutrition

Early in my career I knew that in order to have a significant impact on people's life and health, I needed to take a holistic approach to it. Taking into consideration whole; values, preferences, life priorities and busy schedules to build individualized solutions, that respects and enhances each person’s capacity for self-knowledge and self-care in order to achieve healthier lives.


Healing starts with LOVE

“The more we expect ourselves to be better or different from what we are, the more we judge how we are doing. The more we judge, the thicker the scar tissue around our hearts becomes. The more disconnected we become from understanding and compassion.

We all have difficulty accepting ourselves as we are, especially the parts of us that are in pain. When we start to EMBRACE fully who we are magic happens. When we give ourselves permission to transform how we communicate, when we begin to speak the truth, be more real, more authentic, more daring – our eating challenges begin to heal.

Eating Psychology Coach: Inner_about


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