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Food and Body Image Coaching

Are you ready to let go of the diet roller coaster?

  • Stop the cycle of restricting and binging. Caring too much and not caring at all.

  • Obsessing around food that you feel guilty of everything your are eating

  • Not count any calories, points or grams of fat!

  • Stop the food fight.

  • Make peace with food and your body.

In our food-abundant, diet-obsessed culture, eating is often mindless consuming, and guilt-inducing activity, instead of a natural, healthy, pleasurable and nourishing activity for living.

Learn to reconnect with your body wisdom and create a healthy relationship with food and body.

Now Imagine this...

  • Make healthy choices from a place of nourishment rather than punishment.

  • Be able to listen to body cues, honoring your hunger and respecting your fullness. 

  • Feel balanced around food. Where you can give in to cravings without completely sabotaging your goals.

  • Feel free around food and weight.

  • Feel good about yourself, enjoy food once again and achieve health your goals!

What will you learn?

  • How to access body wisdom to make healthy decisions about food and health.

  • Learn how your yoga practice can help create a healthy and nurturing relationship with body and food.

  • You will learn the fascinating connections between brain, body and behavior.

  • What is mindfulness and how can it help many eating challenges.

When and Were?

September 24th,  2017


Living Yoga Studio

117-20 Queens Boulevard

Forest Hills, NY 11375

Ready to transform your relationship with food and body?

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