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Yoga Instructor

My Journey to Yoga

Yoga helped me get through my most trying times. I was at my peak levels of stress, anxiety and unhappiness. I was living on the go, go, go  and do, do, do. I felt unproductive, worthless, and the more I did the more unhappy I was.

Yoga helped me be OK with the present moment, who I am right here, right now. Yoga taught me to EMBRACE every part of me, all of who I am. To LOVE and appreciate my body as it was. And to NURTURE it in a way that felt truly nourishing.


Embrace Your Body

Fully as it is right NOW!

I know, you do not believe that is possible for you to EMBRACE your body just as it is right now. That is exactly what you are trying to change so that you can be happy. But let me ask you this:

Is constantly living in self-judgement, self-hate is a way to live?

Let me help you get where you want to go EMBRACING, LOVING and NURTURING your body in a positive way!

Yoga Instructor: Inner_about


Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher by Yoga To The People
Mindfulness-Based Yoga Certification in Eating Disorders by Inner Door Center


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