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My Yoga Journey

As an educator, counselor, and healer,

I am continually awed by the wisdom that results

from listening and paying attention to our bodies’ wisdom.  

Our bodies are constantly trying to communicate with us

about an ailment, if something doesn’t feel right,

about our desires, what we truly want and don't want,

but we ignore it.


It is not your fault we have been taught

to value logic over intuition (our gut feeling).

Even the simpler signals of our bodies such as

recognizing our hunger and fullness,

is something that we have disconnected from.

Many of us live up in our heads rather than our bodies. 


Additionally, many of my clients express

that they don’t relate to their body as their friend.

They experience their body as something that has betrayed them--

through medical condition, unwanted physical experience

or simply by “not cooperating” with their goal weight.


Most women are constantly at war with their bodies. Therefore, if we are at war with our bodies, how could we listen to the wisdom it carries? 


It is not your fault.


It’s the millennia of the war on women and our bodies.


For me, yoga was the stepping stone to reconnect with my body, it was one of my first encounters with self-compassion to meet my body where it is at, to let go of competition,

to befriend my body, to take care of my body from a loving place and finally to begin the journey of listening to my body signals.

Read more about my yoga journey here


That is the main reason I pursued becoming a yoga instructor to share this valuable experience with others.


I invite you to join me on this journey to reconnecting with the wisdom of your body.

I will be offering virtual yoga classes!

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