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What is your New Year Resolution?

My wish to you this New Year is to Stop DIETING so that you can Start LIVING!​

We know how it is like to be in that cycle. We have seen it through the course of our career.

This is NOT a way to live your precious life.

We know that dieting does NOT WORK! There is another way... a better way.

YES! And we want to tech you how to let go of the dieting mentality, that has been stealing your precious life energy into counting calories, points or fat grams.



Is this for you?

  • ​Have you set a weight loss resolutions in the past? Started dieting but you were ready to give up by the first week? 

  • Are you tired of dieting? You lose weight only to regain all the weight back? and more!

  • Are you tired of the cycle of losing and gaining? 

  • Are you tired of depriving yourself of food, which only leads you to binge?

Then this workshop is for YOU!

Dinner Party

What will you learn?

  • Not count any calories, points or grams of fat!

  • Enjoy food once again.

  • Make peace with food and your body.

  • Make healthy choices from a place of nourishment rather than punishment.

  • Feel good about yourself!

Laptop & Coffee

When and Where?

It's an 6-week online workshop. 


Weekly recorded webinars.

Access to a private Facebook group.

Step by step guidance so that you can get to where you want to go, without DIETING EVER AGAIN!

STARTS February 5th!


HURRY Early Bird Ends Soon!

We have an early bird special that ends January 5th!

Value of the program is over $1,000.00

Our offer is $307.00

Early Bird for ONLY

 $277.00 for 6 weeks!

Sign Up Now

Are you ready to create a healthy relationship with food and body?

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