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WholeHearted Women


New   Moon in Capricorn 

The Great   Mother

During our powerful meditation we received our seeds and gifts from the Great Mother.

I wanted to share with you the Great Mother Archetype Handout from my training for you to deepen with. Notice which light qualities and which shadow qualities  you embody and work with them during this moon cycle and share with us the qualities you will be working on in our Facebook Group

As we begin to embark our journey in this winter time with the Great Mother Archetype, we met the Great Mother at the gateway of I surrender. I receive. 

New Moon Recording

Journaling Prompts

We deepened with these questions:

  • What is surrender?

  • What is challenging for you about surrendering?

  • How do you receive?

  • How do we listen and open ourselves to receptivity?

What is Surrender?

A cultivated attitude of wakefulness, mindfulness.

A willingness to pay attention to the directives of the Divine Self.


What is Receptivity?

An active state of engaged awareness.

Awareness that Divine guidance, in its myriad forms, is continually present for the offering

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