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New Moon  in Aries

Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac sign indicating the beginning of a new cycle of a New Zodiac Year and brings the energy of a fresh start. It is also now spring time we are ready to plant new seeds for the year!

But remember, for things to begin, though, some things need to end. Just like we must pull the weeds out of our garden, so we can plant new seeds we need to do the same with our inner and outer world.
This moon is a good moon to gain some clarity as to where do you want this year to look like. What seeds do you want to plant? And equally important what weeds do you need to pull out so that you can have space, a fertile soil, for your seeds to grow?

This theme goes perfectly with the next archetype we will be visiting The Creator, Destroyer and Preserver. This is the temple of Kali Ma. 

Often, I find that we resist feeling the power of Kali Ma; we are fearful of what might be “destroyed” if we allow Her to be present within us.

As I write, I am feeling into the energy of Her fierce commitment to our liberation from all the false masks that we might still be hiding behind.

Is it the Good Girl Mask that we all know so well?

I have been reading The Good Girl Myth: How to Dismantle Outdated Rules, Unleash Your Power, and Design a More Purposeful Life by Majo Molfino and it has opened the understanding of the masks we were taught to wear to be good girls.

  1. The myth of rules, being good and following others expectations, so we give up our purpose and self-authority

  2. The myth of logic over your intuition, imagination, and empathy. 

  3. The myth of perfectionism, we give up our creative confidence, vulnerability and authenticity.

  4. The myth of harmony, avoiding conflict at all times instead of embracing the conflict and confrontation needed for change.

  5. The myth of sacrifice, prioritizing the needs of others which leaves you with no time or energy, which are needed for your contribution and destiny.  

Which myth are you ready to burn away so you can unleash your power and live a purposeful life on your terms?

My experience over the past year has been that  Kali Ma offers us a needed way to look at the places in our lives where we are hiding, where we are not being fully honest with ourselves, and where we are being called to take a long, hard look at patterns we keep re-creating in our lives.


Yes, She is fierce; but truly, if we can surrender our attachments, we can embrace the clarity of seeing what is behind all the masks…


I, Kali, offer to dance on the grave of your attachments,
your jealousy, your anger, your fears, comforts of all kinds.


I dance on distortions of mind that keep you blind
to the NOW you’re avoiding standing naked in!


What attachments will you offer me? 

New Moon Recording

Journaling Prompts

Kali Ma fiercely asks:

  • What things need to be burn in the fire of Aries to make space for the new?

  • What stuck patterns have you been carrying around your neck for lifetimes that are no longer serving the Essence of who you are?

  • To what are you attached?

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