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WholeHearted Women


New Moon  in Gemini

Hello, beloved.

Hello, beautiful Muse sister!

Wow! That was quite a wonderfully tender, zany, inspiring, edgy, challenging, heart-dissolving alive Muse Temple!

Thank you to each one of sisters who were there live and to all of you who are about to join us and tune in.

This frequency of turquoise and the sparkle of each one of you is deeply alive in my heart. Let’s feel into the connection between play, vulnerability, and magic.

I deeply invite you to step into the places that scare you, the places where you have shut down your magic and bring the aliveness there.

Take some time to connect with the divine innocence as She lives within you. And now, also breathe also into the Wounded Child as She still lives in you.

Breathe and feel any places that you have shut down your creative genius. Your beauty. Your sparkle.


Your assignment for this moon cycle:

Share a picture of you younger self where you were fully in your divine innocence. Invite her in to be part of this circle. If you haven't logged into our Facebook group and see all the cuteness you are missing out! Do it NOW! Thank you for sharing that inner child that lives within you.

Share a picture of your Wounded Child. Only if you are ready. I know this is a very vulnerable place but this is how we invite her to the light, to see that she is no longer alone, she does not have to stay in this dark corner, it is safe for her to come out and see the world as it is now. To see all the magic that you have created throughout your life. Tell us Her story and how she lost her magic. We would love to hold Her and witness Her. But take all the time that you need, honor yourself on this journey.



Make an Altar for your Divine Child and Wounded Child. Place those pictures where you can see them daily. So you are reminded to honor them. To do something for them or with them.

Here are some deepening questions for the Moon Cycle:

  • How often do you let yourself play fully without worrying what anyone will think of you

  • When was the last time you threw caution to the wind and did something outrageous?

  • What is your favorite way to play?

  • How do you love to create?

  • Do you ever feel stuck or secretly believe that you are not creative?

So, beloved sister, please contemplate:

  • In what ways do I still shut down my creativity?

  • How do I limit myself? Think here of all the ways that you might say "Oh,I don't do that, I would never say that, or wear that!” Or: “How silly they look!” Just be honest. We all have one of these tucked away!

Are you willing to enter the temple of PLAY to awaken the heart of your vulnerable, beautiful, playful Muse?

Sending you so much love while you connect with your inner child.

Love & Light, 


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