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WholeHearted Women


New Moon  in Taurus

What an amazing and powerful circle we had last night we deepened with:

  • What is authentic power (not the patriarchal version of power)?

  • What is it that still stands in the way of you choosing to stand in your power fully?

  • How do you continue to give your power away?

It was great to witness each other in this vulnerable place, but a place that bring us back to our Sovereign Power. 

New Moon Recording

Reclaiming your Sovereign Power:

  1. Write down 10 things that you desire.

  2. Write down 10 things that drain your energy, suck life force out of you, it could be relationships, projects, commitments, old behaviors, etc.

  3. Look first at your desires, and intuitively,  map out which chakra is that desire and power leak located in and feel it in your body.



  1. Root: Belonging, safety, security

  2. Sacral: Creativity sexuality, connection

  3. Solar Plexus: Power, manifestation, will

  4. Heart: love, connection, intimacy, compassion

  5. Throat: Voice and truth

  6. Third Eye: Knowing and sight and intuition

  7. Crown: Connection to the divine 


Notice that there was a pattern emerging? Is there one or two chakras that is showing up more than others? And if there is,  hang with that for a second. Just feel it in your body. 

Where are you being guided to clear a power leak in your life. Feel what a power leak feels like in your body in that chakra. 

Setting your New Moon Intention

What needs to be resolved here to come back to your sit in your sovereign throne, sit in your truth, coming to your wisdom of what you know needs to be cleared up realigned that you're in your authentic power, what would need to shift that power leak in order for that to happen? 


What is it concrete that you would need to take to clear the power leak.

Here is the invitation to name the power leak and then name the concrete commitment (action) that you choose in full consciousness to make, in order to clear that power leak. 

And to solidify this commitment and to stay accountable you can share it in our WhatsApp Group or in our Facebook Group to be witnessed. This is how we start to make the changes and shifts in our life to move in the direction of our desires!

Looking forward to witness you in your intention and keep us posted in how is it going throughout the moon cycle!

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