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New    Moon in Cancer

Happy New Moon and Cancer season!

we had a Solar Eclipse on Solstice June 21st in Cancer at 0 degrees, which is a very special and powerful degree since it marks the beginning and the end, the point of a new dawn and new dimensions, and it was a New Moon at the same time, time for new beginnings, rebirth, regeneration, and renewal.

An Eclipse on a solstice point is rare. The last time we had a Solar Eclipse on June solstice was 19 years ago - June 21, 2001

Solar Eclipses like this one signify major new beginnings.

This Cancer Eclipse together with other active transits wants us to eclipse out what’s been kept behind the closed doors. This is a time when we connect our intuition with our thinking. It’s time for acceptance and forgiveness. We can use this period to nurture our inner child, to allow our past to speak to us and through us so that we can enter into a new perception of our lives.

Cultivating the capacity to be with ourselves, our emotions, our past wounds, expands our capacity to be with others, their emotions, their wounds. 

We are asking to be heard, but have we heard ourselves? Our emotions? Our deeper needs and wants? Have we stopped being the suppressors of our emotions, our goals, our desires, our dreams? Have we given our voice time and space to speak? 

If we don’t allow the space and time to be with ourselves, and instead we try to escape or numb out our feelings through external distractions we risk the consequences of feeling depleted, anxious and insecure, feeling let down, betrayed, and feeling like the world is against us.

We have Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in retrograde. It is the perfect time to pause, give yourself some time to recheck, rewrite, revision, refresh, reclaim, regain, recover, reorganize, restore and everything RE that you can think of in our lives. 

Full Moon Recording

Journaling Prompts

Light up a candle and journal about these questions: 

  • Take a look at 19yrs ago, what karmic cycle is coming to an end? who were you? How have you grown? What have you outgrown?

  • What darkness have you overcome in your life?

  • How can you celebrate your growth?

  • What is your intention for this New Moon and New cycle?

New chapters of our lives are being written right now and we have an opportunity to take that step and stop hiding. 

This is the time to reclaim our power!

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