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Full   Moon in Aquarius

The Aquarius ♒︎  Full Moon will greet us on Monday during this Leo season. Every Sun season has its Full Moon landing in the opposing sign. For Leo, that Full Moon is Aquarius. 

Leo focuses on how we can celebrate our uniqueness and love ourselves unconditionally. Aquarius focuses on how we can celebrate our and other people's uniqueness, understanding that the collective is made of individuals.

Where Leo helps us find our courage for self-expression and lead others through our voice, Aquarius teaches us that we have the power to move society forward through the leadership energy created by Leo. At the heart of both signs is the energy of unconditional love for oneself and the collective.

As an Air sign, Aquarius teaches us that we are all part of an interwoven tapestry threading us all together. What affects one, affects the whole.

Full Moon Recording

Journaling Prompts

  • What are you here to share through your voice?

  • Are you celebrating your uniqueness and the uniqueness of your sisters around you?

  • Or are you stuck in competition, comparison and in a box/cage that doesn't allow yourself to be fully expressed?

  • Do you hide behind being a good girl, a nice girl, and play by all the rules, even when you hear Her scratching at the cage, pacing to come out?

Share you insights and what has been coming up for you during this season on our Private Facebook Page!

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