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New    Moon in Cancer

Our New Moon is a special double new moon in Cancer. 

It will be a great opportunity to slowly incorporate a new cycle for everyone individually, and the society as a whole. It happens on July 20th, after two eclipses in June, and another one earlier in July. These eclipses represent ending energies and new start opportunities. 

Nevertheless, with great new chances, comes intense energy and some people will feel it stronger than others. It's a time to review the goals that were set up in previous cycles and adjust according to the progress of the situations.  

The double New Moon will provide comfort and safety if you search for it. It’s a moment to connect with your intuition and inspiration and to analyze your emotions. Its energy is of a new karmic cycle that requires you to stand for yourself, while most likely confronting an authoritative figure or situation.  Summarizing, chaos as an opportunity to reborn.

If on your endings and new beginning you been facing harsh moments with your family, now it’s a great time to start working on forgiveness and empathy. It will allow better management of your emotional wounds, mostly if by reparenting, through your inner child.

New Moon Recording

Journaling Prompts

1. What is most important to your soul? Meaning, what makes you feel fulfilled and what makes you feel most like yourself?

2. What gets in the way of your own self care?

3. What blocks your intuition? Fear? Mistrust? Doubt? What prevents you from hearing it?

4. What helps you follow your intuition? When have you followed it? How did it work out?

What is your intention for this new cycle?

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