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WholeHearted Women


New    Moon in Gemini

Gemini is an air sign inviting us to bring some lightness and playfulness into your lives and to open the lines of communications. 

Gemini teaches us that there are always two sides to how we can look at things. By shifting our perspective we can change our reality, we have the ability to create magic simply by changing our perspective. Gemini inspires us to speak a new reality into existence.

Each and everyone of us is going to have their own story about what all of this is about and what it all means. What is your story going to be? What is this an opportunity for?

“The art of life is not about controlling what happens to us, but using what happens to us.” - Gloria Stinmen

Gemini rules communication in all forms. She encourages us to connect both with ourselves and others. Create new ways of speaking to yourself and the world. Make a list of the mantras and stories you tell yourself, and edit them to support the life you want to live. Gemini reminds us that our words are powerful and, when directed with awareness, creates magic.

Full Moon Recording

Journaling Prompts

I invite you to use this powerful time to set some time aside, light a candle, listen to the replay and/or deepen in the questions:

  • How can you give yourself some time to daydream?

  • To play with your imagination?

  • What do you want this experience to be for you?

  • To write your story?

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