Women's Retreat

Catskills Weekend Getaway!

Join our Women's   Retreat Weekend Getaway in the Catskills!

As women, we have been conditioned by a system that has taught us to buy into not being good enough and to judge and nitpick who we truly are, to keep us from our true strength and even greater power in unity. We grew up thinking that we had to compete with each other, and now we know that we’ve all walked similar paths. Through sharing our stories, we release the hold that these condescending hierarchies have taught us. It is through our ability to fiercely love ourselves and each other that we are unstoppable. 


This weekend will be for us to get in touch with ourselves, cultivate unshakable self-love, bonding together to support each other, and uniting our strengths as a cohesive force for good. ​

Reconnect with yourself!

During the    retreat 
  • We will explore masculine and feminine energies, and how we can be in harmony and balance

  • We will explore and experience women’s circle and men’s circle and why we do them.

  • Dive deep into the connection with self, recognizing that the work you do with self nurtures the relationship.

What is included?

  • All experiences will be included:

    • ​Sacred Start Practice

    • Yoga

    • Women’s Circle

    • Hiking

    • Jacuzzi

    • Fire Ceremony​

    • Oracle reading cards

  • Stay: 3 days / 2 nights

  • Communal Cooking 

  • Locally grown food

The Support

  • Diana S. Alberti will be hosting the retreat sharing her expertise in women's health and wellbeing. Holding sacred space for us to gather together and connect in a deeper soul level. 

The Itinerary

During the retreat we will practice co


  • 8pm- Welcome dinner

  • Women's Circle

  • Fire Ceremony



  • 7am-8am-Sacred Start ​

  • 8am- Yoga movement

  • 9am- Breakfast

  • 11am- Hiking

  • 12pm- Picnic - Mindful Eating

  • 1-4pm- Your time

  • 5:30pm- Dinner- Communal Cooking​

  • 7pm- Fire Ceremony

  • 9pm- Jacuzzi



  • Sacred start 7am-8am​

  • 8am- Yoga movement

  • 9am- Breakfast

  • 10am hiking

  • Picnic circle

Marble Surface


"Diana, you’ve changed my life in ways I can’t even explain, your guidance, your patience with me, your take of things, your lessons, have changed parts of me that I can’t even explain. You are an incredible human being, and an incredibly gifted practitioner. I'm eternally grateful."


Are you tired of... 

  • Feeling out of control with food

  • Eating your emotions 

  • Feeling really ashamed when you do

  • Restricting and then overeating

  • Losing weight and then regaining all the weight back

Now Imagine this...

  • Enjoy food without feeling out of control, ashamed or guilty

  • Be able to understand and express your feelings rather than eat them 

  • Make healthy choices from a place of nourishment rather than punishment

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